Steel Assault, a gorgeous action platformer, hits Switch & PC this month

Steel Assault gameplay release date September 28, 2021 Nintendo Switch Tribute Games Zenovia Interactive

Publisher Tribute Games and developer Zenovia Interactive have announced with a release date trailer that 2D action platformer Steel Assault will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 28, 2021. The game follows a retro aesthetic with a 4:3 screen resolution and optional arcade bezels, and there will be various difficulty options to let you have either a hardcore arcade challenge or a more palatable casual experience. Gameplay is straightforward: Players will “punch, whip, and zipline their way through a post-apocalyptic America.”

Steel Assault has some really awesome pixel art, particularly in its detailed and vibrant backgrounds, which should make players that much more excited to run around blowing up everything in it. Meanwhile, really popular and bonkers-talented artist Hungry Clicker created the game’s promotional art, which explains why that too looks so gorgeous. Check out the Steel Assault release date trailer to see how much action your Nintendo Switch is going to be churning out.

Tribute Games is known for retro action titles like this, having created Panzer Paladin, Mercenary Kings, and Flinthook, and it is currently working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge with Dotemu. However, it is only the publisher for Steel Assault, and this title is actually Tribute Games’ first foray into publishing other people’s works. Developer Zenovia Interactive was founded in 2019, and Steel Assault seems to be the studio’s first release of note.

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