The next SteamWorld universe game is in development


Image & Form is at work on the next entry in their SteamWorld games universe. The developer revealed the news on their Twitter account earlier today by announcing two job openings at the studio. They’re looking for two 2D artists to help hone their vision for the next title.

Another SteamWorld game is an exciting prospect. Past titles in the series have explored all sorts of different genres, including Metroidvanias, a strategy game, and even a card-based RPG. They’re all pretty damn good, too. We in particular loved SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech (that one’s the card-battling RPG). We gave it a 9 out of 10 in our review, citing its gorgeous art, charming world, masterful blend of cards and role-playing elements, and the approachable deck-building system. The future for the series could hold literally anything.

Developer Image & Form stated that they cannot tell us anything else about the next SteamWorld game just yet. Maybe it’s too early in development, or maybe they just want to keep things under wraps for now. Whatever direction they elect to take the franchise, tons of loyal fans are sure to follow.

What genre would you like to see the next SteamWorld game tackle? Would you like a sequel to an existing subseries, or should Image & Form keep pushing forward with new ideas for new territories?

Nick Pearson
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