SteamDolls: Order of Chaos expands David Hayter dialogue

Steamdolls Order of CHaos

While plenty of video games projects launch on crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter every day, only a few manage to garner the buzz needed to reach their goals. Even fewer projects will take off like wildfire and shoot beyond their initial goals, funding a variety of stretch goals like extra content or additional console ports. SteamDolls: Order of Chaos is the latest Kickstarter project to achieve that kind of success, raising nearly twice its initial goal of $30,000 in just one week. With three weeks left on Kickstarter and $50,000 in the tank so far, the game is on track to unlock even more stretch goals soon.

One of the biggest goals that the Kickstarter for SteamDolls: Order of Chaos has reached so far is one concerning iconic video game voice actor David Hayter. Hayter was already attached to the project as the voice of the protagonist The Whisper. Now, Hayter will have extended narration and voice lines spanning the entire game. If the project manages to reach $52,000, another iconic Metal Gear voice will be joining the cast. The “Metal Gear Vocal Reunion” stretch goal promises that Otacon voice actor Christopher Randolph will join the voice cast of the game, although the role he’d be playing is as of yet unknown.



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