Steam OS Platform Overtakes Wii U for Popular Vote in Project Cars Poll

Wii U is now sitting at second

Four days have passed since the opening of the poll to vote for your platform of choice for Project Cars, which has given a good amount of time for the dust to settle. Now, instead of sitting a comfortable 54% in the poll, the playing field has leveled out at 33% for Steam OS, 31% for Wii U, 17% for PlayStation 4, 15% for Windows PC, and 5% for Xbox One. Once again, there’s no telling how much of this will be indicative of the sales distribution of the game, but the poll results seem more accurate now than before.

The poll is still open for voting so if you haven\’t already cast your vote, be sure to do so now.

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Wii U is Leading as the Most Popular Platform for Project Cars According to Official Site Poll

Nintendo enthusiasts appear to know what they want

Project Cars will be launching on Windows PC, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Steam OS in  November of 2014 and it appears the most popular choice among the 5 planned platforms is none other than Nintendo’s Wii U games console, by over 50%. While there’s no telling if the results of this poll will indicative of the sales distribution of Project Cars and while we only have percentages to go off of, leaving a few unknown variables, the current results of this poll show that Slightly Mad Studios chose right in choosing to develop for the Wii U. Perhaps the finally results will decide which platform the development team decides to prioritize.

If you\’ve been following up on the latest Project Cars news, the results of the poll may not be as surprising as you think, with Slightly Mad Studios talking up the Wii U as early as the beginning of 2013, when they declared that the Wii U \”screams innovation\”. A few months later and Andy Tudor, Creative Director of Project Cars was talking up the Wii U again, saying that it is \”more than capable of providing the core Project Cars experience\”.

Our turn finally came around to have a slightly mad interview with Andy Tudor where he told us that, while there were optimizations left to be done, Wii U held up pretty well racing around on the most graphically intensive weather settings. In the same interview, he explained that they chose the Wii U over other platforms with higher installbases because of the potential the system has to deliver the Project Cars experience along with the fact there there hasn\’t been a racing game on Wii U like Project Cars thus far. You can check out that interview in full here.


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