Me and my dino pal: Pre-orders are a go for fancy Mario and Yoshi statue


Can you name a more iconic duo than Mario and Yoshi? The pair have been on adventures together since Mario was a shrieking baby in a diaper. The good people over at First 4 Figures know of the immense popularity of this dinosaur and former plumber. That’s why the company is now taking pre-orders for a beautiful statue that captures the camaraderie between man and beast.

Adventure together!

There are three variations of the Mario and Yoshi statue: Standard Edition, Exclusive Edition, and Definitive Edition. Let’s check out what each version nets you:


  • Costs $499.99!
  • Comes with Mario and Yoshi, as well as a base.
  • Authentication card included.



  • Will set you back $524.99!!
  • Has everything included in the Standard Edition.
  • Comes with a giant magnet egg.
  • Separate base is added that is magnetized.
  • Does not sparkle.



  • A whopping $674.99!!!
  • Includes all the creamy goodness from the Exclusive Edition.
  • Checkpoint flag with Bowser’s face added, as well as a Mario symbol flag.
  • Base is bigger and fully magnetized.
  • Contains three flowers that can be moved around.
  • Invincibility stars not included.

More information on the three statue variants, including payment options, videos, dimensions, and high-res photos, is available here, here, and here.

This statue is so detailed and amazing, but way too expensive for me. Also, none of the product descriptions answered my two most burning questions. One: can I bash Yoshi over the head with Mario’s fists? Two: can Mario detach from Yoshi in mid-air, gaining height while sending his dino pal to the murky depths of my living room floor below?

Readers, do you think this statue is awesome? Would you pay over $500 to procure any of the editions? Let us know in the comment field below!

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