Stardew Valley version 1.5 update is in its “home stretch”

Stardew Valley update 1.5 concernedape eric barone future of game uncertain

Stardew Valley‘s massive version 1.5 update is nearly ready according to Eric Barone, the game’s creator. He briefly discussed the update in a tweet yesterday when he explained that the amount of content in the update necessitates a ton of polishing and bug fixes before it can be ready. While he did not hint at a release date for the long-awaited Stardew Valley update, it appears that we’ll have it on our hands in the near-ish future, barring any development shake-ups.

Barone has spent most of 2020 working on the next – and possibly final – major Stardew Valley update, packing in all sorts of content from local co-op to the ability to move your bed. Additionally, Stardew Valley version 1.5 packs in lots of late-game content (though Barone says that a number of new options and features in the game might justify another full playthrough for interested players).

Are you looking forward to the version 1.5 update in Stardew Valley? Will you be starting a whole new playthrough to experience the game’s new additions, or simply exploring the host of endgame content? Will you be able to take advantage of the split-screen co-op play? Let us know your plans for this giant update in the comment section below.

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