Stardew Valley has “good chance” of a physical release in the West

Stardew Valley update 1.5 concernedape eric barone future of game uncertain

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone has been incredibly busy since his charming farm life simulation game came out back in 2016. As the game grew into a worldwide hit, he consistently worked on console ports, bug fixes and free major updates that continue to arrive today, even as he begins work on two brand new games. That effort and global recognition eventually manifested into a special physical release of the game for Japanese consumers, but fans in North America have yet to see the same kind of tangible physical release for the game. According to a recent tweet from the man himself, though, that may change sooner than we think.

When an intrepid Stardew Valley fan took to Twitter in order to ask the creator of the game if fans in the West would one day see a physical release for the game on Nintendo Switch as Japan did, the response he got was immediate and surprising. Eric Barone admitted that there is a “good chance” of that happening, although he didn’t share any specific details or confirmation beyond that. Stardew Valley has gotten a bevy of physical merchandise and goods in America from various retailers, but an official physical release of the game would be the holy grail of merchandise.


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