Star Wars: Hunters trailer reveals characters, delays release to 2022

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This past weekend, some first images and screenshots were scraped together of Star Wars: Hunters, a free-to-download arena multiplayer game from publisher Zynga planned for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game was first announced at the February 2021 Nintendo Direct and indicated it would be landing later this year. However, Zynga and Lucasfilm Games’ new Star Wars: Hunters “Welcome to the Arena” cinematic trailer casually delays the game into a 2022 release, while also showing off its playable characters.

And the cinematic trailer does indeed paint quite a picture of that cast of clashing characters, which includes a Jawa-standing-on-top-of-another-Jawa collectively named Utooni, an Ugnaught riding a destroyer droid named Slingshot, and a robot programmed to believe the Force is with him named J-3DI (yes, really). At first, it appears they’re fighting in a place like Mos Eisley on Tatooine, but in reality, they’re fighting in “The Arena” on planet Vespaara. The Arena is a “competitive, spectator stadium attracting Hunters from the far reaches of the galaxy to seek their fortunes.” This game is set after the fall of the Empire, which explains why a destroyer droid and a stormtrooper can both show up to the battle.

If the Star Wars: Hunters cinematic trailer has done its job of enticing you with its fun characters, you can pre-register for the game at its official website to unlock exclusive items, and the more players who pre-register, the more prizes that will be granted to everyone. The website also offers additional details on the nine revealed characters.

Star Wars: Hunters will offer cross-platform play among Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS when it launches in 2022. Developer NaturalMotion, along with its studio Boss Alien, is developing the game for Zynga and Lucasfilm Games.

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