Star Wars FPS, strategy game, & Jedi: Fallen Order 2 in works at Respawn

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Electronic Arts (EA), Respawn Entertainment, and Lucasfilm Games have announced that Respawn is developing three different Star Wars game simultaneously, including a first-person shooter (FPS), a strategy game, and a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel. Vince Zampella, Respawn founder and group general manager, is overseeing all of it in partnership with Lucasfilm.

Stig Asmussen, who directed Fallen Order, is directing its sequel as well. Meanwhile, a separate team headed by Respawn game director Peter Hirschmann is developing the Star Wars FPS. (According to Jeff Grubb at GamesBeat, this is apparently the team that developed the poorly received VR game, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.) And the strategy game is being co-developed by Respawn and new developer Bit Reactor, led by industry veteran Greg Foerstch. Bit Reactor is leading the development of the strategy game.

In the announcement, executives and developers provided the usual generic statements about how excited they are to work together on Star Wars, and we won’t bother copy/pasting those here. But in a nutshell, Respawn Entertainment has a lot more Star Wars in its future with the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, an FPS, and a strategy game. This is in addition to the continued development of Apex Legends and its new FPS focusing on “style” and “mobility.” That’s why EA is encouraging people to go find a new career path at Respawn right now.

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