Star Wars Episode I: Racer physical edition coming from Limited Run

Star Wars Episode I: Racer launch trailer

The Nintendo 64 classic racing game Star Wars Episode I: Racer is getting a physical edition soon, courtesy of Limited Run Games. Preorders will open July 10 at 10:00 AM ET and stay open for four weeks, so you’ve got a good bit of time to figure out if you want to jump in on this one.

For Star Wars Episode I: Racer superfans, a “Classic Edition” physical version is planned. This edition of the game includes a physical copy of the game in addition to a retro box, a fancy and non-functioning retro cart, and a reversible 18-by-24-inch poster. Sound good to you?

If you don’t care about physical versions, then Star Wars Episode I: Racer is already available to you on the Switch and PS4 digital storefronts. A faithful port of the original classic racer awaits old and new players alike – everything down to the Nintendo 64 original’s glitches make it over to the modern edition.

Have you picked up Star Wars Episode I: Racer on Switch already? Do you think you’ll wait for the physical version from Limited Run Games instead? I’m a bit torn, personally – I never played the original title much, but I do want to pick it up on Switch. First off, I’m gonna wait for our reviewer to wrap up his impressions on the game, and if those are all fine and dandy, I’ll make a decision on whether to preorder the fancy physical cart or not. I think that the most likely course of action is for me to end up waiting for a sale on a digital copy, but anything could happen, really.



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