Star Renegades delivers tactical turn-based sci-fi RPG play this month

Star Renegades release date Nintendo Switch November 19 Xbox One PlayStation 4 November 25 Massive Damage Raw Fury

Developer Massive Damage’s Star Renegades has some of the most beautiful pixel art we’ve seen this year, and it released for PC this past September. Now, publisher Raw Fury is bringing the tactical turn-based roguelite RPG to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on Nov. 19, with PlayStation 4 to follow on Nov. 25. A new trailer showcases some gameplay while also trumpeting accolades it picked up from its PC release.

As Raw Fury explains, “Star Renegades delivers a challenging fusion of fast-paced, dynamic, turn-based combat with a procedurally generated campaign. Each playthrough offers a unique strategic challenge with enemies that are more than just trash to farm, but intelligent adversaries that evolve and move up in ranks as you play.” If that’s your jam, then you should proceed full steam ahead. If you hate anything “rogue-” or procedurally generated, then probably not.

Massive Damage has existed for nearly a decade now and was previously known for its game Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, which came to Nintendo Switch early last year. Star Renegades shares its sci-fi theme, though the turn-based combat in this game seems to have some mechanics in common with Grandia as far as its timeline battle system goes.

What do you think of Star Renegades so far, or have you already played it?

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