Star Ocean: First Departure R gets worldwide digital release in December

Star Ocean: First Departure R Switch digital release Japan

As we previously reported, Square Enix’s Star Ocean: First Departure R is heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and we now know the game will release on Dec. 5 in Japan, albeit seemingly only digitally. It will cost 3,200 yen + tax, if you’re deeply invested in Japanese economics, and a PlayStation 4-exclusive deluxe edition will cost 5,000 yen + tax and come with a soundtrack.

[Update: The game will now receive worldwide digital release on Dec. 5! Not just Japan.]

Star Ocean: First Departure R will feature full (Japanese) voice-overs, a new HD resolution, and the ability to swap between new and old character illustrations that represent characters in the game. And perhaps taking a cue from other Square Enix remasters, there will be an option to double the game speed “when moving on the field.”

As we previously explained, this game is a remake of a remake. It’s a do-over of Star Ocean: First Departure for Sony PSP, which was itself a remake of the original game in the series. That explains why all the pixel art in the trailer has an old-school flavor to it, and I’m actually really digging it. I’ve never played this franchise before, but with it coming to Switch, maybe I’ll decide to broaden my horizons.

Are you intrigued to play Star Ocean: First Departure R?


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