What’s a polarizing Nintendo game that you love?

Star Fox Assault

As a long-time developer with an outstanding pedigree, Nintendo has developed its fair share of games enjoying universal acclaim, and it’s had a hand in a few not-so-good titles as well. It’s also made some that don’t enjoy quite as much of a consensus. Polarizing Nintendo games fuel spirited debates and define unique tastes. By nature of having some detractors, they’ll often be guarded by some of the most passionate fans you’ll ever see. What’s a divisive Nintendo game that you love?

I’ll shout out Star Fox Assault, which I believe is the only experimental Star Fox title that actually moved the series in the right direction. Those who don’t enjoy the game cite clunky on-foot controls, a lack of aerial missions, and an awkward story. Meanwhile, those who love the game didn’t have much issue with the controls, and they’ll prop up their love for the fantastic multiplayer mode, an exciting single-player adventure, and an awkward story. While I find Star Fox Assault a little too short, the precious morsels of campaign that we do get are awesome, and it’s replayable as heck. It’s also casually one of the best multiplayer games ever. It’s a shame that Nintendo never reinvestigated this approach to Star Fox; I think that they were really onto something, and the series may have had a better future if they didn’t instead start dropping stuff like Star Fox Command and Star Fox Zero (which, by the way, would be my pick for a polarizing Nintendo game that I absolutely hated).

What’s a polarizing Nintendo game that you love? What about it makes it special for you? Let us know in the comments!

Nick Pearson
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