What is the first Nintendo game you remember playing?

star fox 64 nintendo 64 switch online

Many of us here have long, fulfilling histories with Nintendo games. Most players will accumulate favorites over time, but often, gamers have a soft spot for some of their earliest Nintendo classics. The first Nintendo game you play can be a truly magical experience. What is the first Nintendo game you remember playing? How well do you remember it? How much do you like the game today?

My first Nintendo game was, as far as I can tell, Star Fox 64. Truthfully, since I’ve been playing Nintendo games for as long as I could hold a controller, my first could have been any number of N64 titles, including Yoshi’s Story or Super Mario 64 or many others. However, Star Fox 64 is the one I played the most as a kid, and it’s the first one I actually remember playing, so that’s my answer to this question. As for how I feel about the game today? I think it still holds up as one of the best ever. I make sure to revisit a couple of times a year, and it’s a delight every single time I pop the cartridge back in.

What was your first Nintendo game? How do you feel about that game today? Let us know your answer in the comments below.

Nick Pearson
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