A Stage From A Strange Land Appears in Today\'s Super Smash Bros. Update

Petals made of pixels and a fairy goddess engrossed in an enchanted garden…and that’s just the beginning of this truly odd stage joining the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U stage line-up. In today’s official Super Smash Bros. update, Sakurai enlightens us on this new fairyland field of combat for the next Smash title.

\”Pic of the day. Is this a match made in heaven? Remember, no matter how big you may be, there is always someone bigger.\”

Except Sakurai’s actual caption alongside today’s screenshot amounts to very little in terms of actually explaining what this stage is or does or how Rosalina even ended up there in the first place. I mean, what exactly is she standing on?

Featured on the Wii U version of the new Super Smash Bros., this stage is taken directly from part of a stage in Pac-Land, a side-scrolling arcade Pac-Man title released in 1984. In that game, Pac-Man falls into this fantastical garden after passing through a strange doorway. Here, the fairy goddess (seen in today’s screenshot) gives Pac-Man an upgraded pair of boots; these boots appear at the goddess\’ feet in today’s screenshot. In fact, Pac-Man’s overall aesthetic design in the new games is inspired by Pac-Land, so its no surprised that a stage from that game has made its way into the new Smash release.

Of course, it’s hard to ignore that this stage is extremely off. Characters seem to fight on an invisible platform that spans the entire garden and, so far, there aren\’t any clear ledges, floating platforms, or stage hazards. Potentially, there might be a lot hidden behind-the-scenes that we just don\’t know yet – it’s just truly too hard to know based on the minimal information given to us in the update.

What do you think about this stage? Will you just skip it or actually give it a chance? It seems like quite the polarizing battlefield. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this new addition to the stage roster for Smash on Wii U.

Dakota Lasky