Stab: Retro-style horror game Murder House releases on Switch via eShop

Murder House Switch release

Sometimes, it’s fun to experience the nostalgia of the past. For example, PS1-style games are a popular genre. And no company does this style better than Puppet Combo. The publisher has released many titles via PC that are all horror-themed in nature. Now, it is bringing the scares to Nintendo’s latest console. The terrifying Murder House has shadow released on Switch today.

I’ve been wanting to play Murder House on Switch since I watched various Let’s Plays of it

If you want an idea of what Murder House is about, check out its trailer from back in April:

Oh man, this is spooky and gory. I dig the 80’s aesthetic. This could have been an actual movie preview one would see from back in those days.

Here is a brief synopsis of the game:

A local news team breaks into an abandoned house to chase a salacious ghost story… until a MANIAC chases them! …VHS era 80’s slasher.

A news crew breaks into the old abandoned home of an executed serial killer Anthony Smith, planning to shoot a salacious haunted house story. But is the notorious Easter Ripper really dead or is he waiting inside, ready to wipe them out one by one? Who will survive, and what will be left of them? The spiritual successor to Babysitter Bloodbath.

This game simulates a 5th gen survival horror game. It uses tank controls, third person cinematic camera angles and is meant to be played with a controller. If you have a problem playing tank control games, you will not like this game. It has no auto saves, you must save with pencils which are in limited supply.

You can purchase Murder House here for $11.99. Hopefully, if it sells well, more of Puppet Combo’s catalogue will make it to Switch.

Enthusiasts, are you excited Murder House got a Switch release before Halloween? Let us know below.

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