Squishy friends: Pokémon bead cushions are coming to Japan

Pokémon bead cushions

Pokémon. The series has infected every facet of everyday life. Whether it’s a new game rising up the sales charts or fancy merchandise beckoning gamers’ wallets, it’s hard to escape the little critters. That inevitability continues today, with The Pokémon Company announcing official Pokémon bead cushions. Exclusive to Japan, these soft pillows come in Pikachu, Slowpoke, and Piplup variants.

I hope other favorites get added to the Pokémon bead cushion line

It looks like the cushions will start selling online on July 1, with them hitting physical retail shops on July 3. Fans can purchase small bead mascots for 1,210 JPY (around $12) each, either online or in-store. These fit on your keychain or phone. The bigger bead cushions are online only and cost 11,000 JPY (around $100). Have a look at each below:

Pokémon bead cushions
“We’ll always be attached to you!”
Pokémon bead cushions
“We yearn to be real!”

These little guys look fun to squeeze! Perfect for relieving stress during hard times.

If you are pining to purchase either variant, you can do so here when available. As mentioned previously, they only ship in Japan.

Enthusiasts, do you have any interest in the Pokémon bead cushions? Do you have Japanese friends who can pick some up for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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