Squid amiibo Will Be Bundled With Splatoon In Europe

It seems that they is another way to get the Squid amiibo at least in Europe, where it will be bundled with the physical copy of Splatoon as confirmed by Amazon Germany.¬†This are good news for those only interested in this amiibo in particular, after being announced that it won’t be offered individually.

There is no price confirmed for the bundle, still it was confirmed yesterday that¬†Splatoon and the game’s amiibo are going to be released this May 29th worldwide, so be sure to get your copy.

We will cover if the bundle is announced on North America, but for the moment you can see the package of the bundle below:

spatoon bundle

Eric Weichhart
When it comes to gaming, I don't choose a side nor the budget, but how much fun I will get from playing.