Square Enix wants Final Fantasy XIV on Switch

Final Fantasy XIV on Nintendo Switch Square Enix Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XIV game director Naoki Yoshida recently sat down for a long discussion with GameSpot on various topics. Among them came the potential for Final Fantasy XIV to appear on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and Yoshida is very receptive to the idea. In fact, negotiations to make it happen are ongoing, and one of the only big hang-ups for Square Enix is how to make cross-play across platforms a reality. Yoshida is quoted as saying the following through a translator:

Talks with platform-holders has been going on. The fundamental philosophy with Final Fantasy XIV is we want it on labels with cross-platform play with any devices, hardware possible. So as long as the regulations with the counterpart hardware companies … we can actually pass that, then the possibility, the chance is quite high [of Final Fantasy XIV coming to Xbox and Nintendo systems]. So we are talking with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Google, of course; we cannot say anything at the moment because we are still in negotiations, but once we have details we can make an announcement; we can bring the news to everyone. We are currently negotiating will all those platforms.

Final Fantasy VII hit the Switch just this week, Final Fantasy IX arrived last month, and Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy XII arrive in April. So basically, this is an awesome time to be a Nintendo and Final Fantasy fan, and I think now would be an excellent moment to toss in a Final Fantasy XIV announcement.

(Toss in a Final Fantasy I-VI Collection too, please, Square Enix. I’ll buy it faster than you can possibly fathom.)


John Friscia
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