Is Square Enix teasing Bravely Default 3?

Bravely Default 3

Octopath Traveler recently received a beautiful piece of art in celebration of shipping one million units, and Square Enix’s Business Division 11 has responded on Twitter with more artwork. Business Division 11 is responsible for the Bravely Default series, and they seem to be teasing a Bravely Default 3 with their new tweet and its accompanying art.

The tweet basically ends with a message of, “Please look forward to the next Square Enix BD11 game.” Yes, that’s incredibly vague and could mean something or nothing, but when combined with the fairy art (above) that the Bravely Default series is known for–it seems reasonable to think Bravely Default 3 is in development. It is also reasonable to think that this game will appear on Switch, as opposed to 3DS.

I only played the original Bravely Default, and while its gameplay was fantastic, its story and voice acting were abysmal. I skipped the sequel altogether when I heard it was basically more of the same. But hey, if you liked Bravely Second, please let me know! I want to hear all your thoughts. Maybe you’ll convince me to give the next game a chance!

John Friscia
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