Square Enix cancels game tournaments after even more death threats

Square Enix death threats over Starwing Paradox

Starwing Paradox isn’t a game anyone in the West is likely to be familiar with. It is a team-based mech combat game by Square Enix released in Japanese arcades last year, featuring animation from Sunrise. All in all, it looks like attractive anime mayhem, and there were supposed to be tournaments for the game in four cities in Japan across these next two weekends. Unfortunately, as Kotaku reports, those are now canceled due to yet more death threats aimed at Square Enix.

The company is working with the police to get to the bottom of these apparently anonymous threats, which were directed at the Starwing Paradox management team. Canceling upcoming tournaments for the game is occurring as an associated precaution. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the second time this year that death threats have been made against Square Enix. Just last week, we reported on how a man was arrested for threatening to burn down their offices because he was frustrated about losing in a game. Prior to that in March, a nurse care worker emailed Square Enix with death threats.

This extreme hostility toward Square Enix is likely just a perverse and disgusting coincidence rather than an indication of anything worse. No matter how you paint it though, this is an unfortunate series of events.

But to end this article on a more positive note, uh… Starwing Paradox sure has a nice animated trailer from Sunrise. That’s good, right?



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