Spotify suddenly has most of the Final Fantasy soundtracks ever made

Spotify suddenly has most of the Final Fantasy soundtracks ever made

Video game libraries (like Capcom’s) have been appearing more and more on Spotify over time, which is just fantastic. Now, the king of the video game soundtrack hill has emerged on Spotify: Most of the original Final Fantasy soundtracks for every game in the series have arrived, according to Escapist Magazine.

[Update: This music is also available on Apple Music.]

Reportedly the music for every numbered title in the series is available, including the Final Fantasy XIII sequels and expansions of online games. Final Fantasy IV even gets SNES and remastered soundtracks both. There are also soundtracks for Final Fantasy Tactics, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Some notable soundtracks missing from Spotify include Final Fantasy X-2, the Final Fantasy Tactics sequels, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.


Honestly, I don’t use Spotify myself, so I can’t firsthand verify every single song that is or isn’t there. But definitely check it out if you use the service! Final Fantasy VI has some of the most moving and memorable music I’ve ever heard, video game or not. FFIV and FFV also have spectacular songs I come back to time and again. Nobuo Uematsu wrote a lot of the best video game music ever, and the others who have worked on the series are far from shabby themselves.

Tell us what your favorite soundtrack in the series is down below!


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