Spooky: Nintendo announces Lego Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets

Lego Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion

It’s Halloween! A time for frights and horror of all manner. And when I think scary, I think Lego. The company has announced yet another collaboration with Nintendo. This time, it is producing Lego Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets. There look to be three of these bad boys, and they are coming out early next year.

I’m glad Luigi’s Mansion is getting the Lego treatment

Check out a teaser trailer for the toys below:

When the Luigi’s Mansion theme hits, you know you are in for a good time.

While the sets weren’t shown in detail, we can see what they contain based on pausing the video. Polterpup, Professor E. Gadd, and King Boo are all getting Legofied. In addition, Luigi is adding the Poltergust to his repertoire. Also, is that Toad trapped in a painting? That’s incredible.

I’ve been out of the Lego construction phase for a while, but are all of its sets over 70,000 pieces now? My brain hurts just thinking about making these. I’d have to enlist the help of my friends if I would have any hope of completing them.

Enthusiasts, what do you think of this surprise announcement of Lego Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion? Let us know below!

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