Spoilers ahead: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 datamine uncovers more DLC heroes


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is out and in people’s hands at this very moment! The title has close to 40 playable heroes in the base game, so there’s already a ton of variety on offer. However, as gamers, we are always hungry for more. Luckily, a datamine of the co-op game has revealed even more Marvel mainstays are on the way. Besides the ones already announced, of course. Beware of incoming spoilers!

Spoilers and leaks aplenty!

Twitter user @Demonslayerx8 laid some cold, hard statistics on the gaming public:

Let’s break down the numbers. We are looking at 40 playable characters, 15 non-playable, 30 bosses, 49 DLC peeps, and 80 background individuals. It’s a real shame Generic Goon #38 didn’t make the cut.

But the math does not work out!

While conversing with another user on Twitter, @Demonslayerx8 explained how he found 40 playable people, even though Ultimate Alliance 3 has 36 at launch. Four more superheroes are listed in the datamine. There is a high possibility they will become available as free post-launch DLC.

The superpowered characters are:

  • Black Bolt
  • Medusa
  • Vision
  • Valkyrie

If true, I am stoked to be playing as the incredibly cool Valkyrie in the near future. I’m even down to give Vision a shot at redemption after his performance in Infinity War. Dude could not catch a break in that film.

What about you lovely bunch? Are you in awe over the amount of supposed content in Ultimate Alliance 3? Have I become the resident Nintendo Enthusiast writer in charge of datamining articles? Let us know in the comment section below.

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