Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Unique Wii U Features & Online Multiplayer

Sam Fisher returns to a Nintendo Console after several years this August. “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” will arrive on the Wii U and Liu Jun had some words about the that particular version of the game:

\”The GamePad screen is the player’s version of Sam Fisher’s arm computer or OPSAT (OPerational SATellite uplink). Sam uses his OPSAT throughout the game to access and control his gadgets and to communicate with his team. With the Wii U version, the player gets to experience first-hand how OPSAT works for Sam and how it feels to operate it. In the Wii U version, players can see what Sam sees through the OPSAT and it’s a very powerful feeling to choose how to use this gadget to make decisions as the leader of Fourth Echelon.

Originally, Sam’s OPSAT was based on real-world military prototypes and secret research programmes, but our inspiration is not just military. We look at exciting innovations and we find inspiration from the latest technology.

Players are going to be constantly making tactical choices on the fly, such as, ‘should I kill this guard or just knock him out?\’ or, ‘should I use a Five-Seven with a silencer, or a shotgun?\’ We use the GamePad screen to help players make tactical choices on the fly, without breaking the game’s flow or story’s tension. So, at any moment and by simple touch, you can pick any of your weapons or gadgets, or switch from lethal to non-lethal takedowns.

Killing in Motion is a core gameplay philosophy in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, enabling the player to move through the environment to kill quickly and fluidly and we\’ve connected this in an innovative way to the GamePad. By raising the GamePad, for example, you can activate the thermal vision on your GamePad screen. From there you can use the motion controls to scan the environment and conveniently mark enemies with a simple touch. Once you\’ve mastered Sam’s abilities, you can give the execute command, and enjoy the spectacle of the Killing in Motion you\’ve just triggered on the screen.\”

On Spies Vs. Mercs and ShadowNet

\”It’s the most requested feature from fans of our game. We believe it offers a tremendous amount of variety and complements the single-player component. In Blacklist, we\’ve created ShadowNet and while we aren\’t discussing all the details about it yet, players will be able to see their friends and receive challenges and updates. These features can be accessed via the GamePad without breaking the flow of your game. We\’ll have more to announce about ShadowNet closer to launch.\”

On enhanced lighting and online multiplayer

\”In the Wii U version of Blacklist we are taking full advantage of the hardware to really show off the details in our game, particularly with light and shadow, a core element of all Splinter Cell games. Also, it’s the first time with a Nintendo console that we can offer an online multiplayer experience on par with the other consoles. It’s an exciting challenge to design with two screens in mind and make them equally useful.\”

On the removed torture scene

\”Making a game like Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a highly iterative process and design decisions sometimes change along the way. The core narrative dictates what happens in the gameplay and the interactive interrogations weren\’t serving the story well. The interrogations are still in the game, but now they are narrative moments that propel the story. When we launch the game in August, we\’re confident that players will feel like the story and message is getting across.\”

On the potential of Wii U

\”At Ubisoft, we believe in exploring new technologies and we believe in the potential of the Wii U as a platform for core games. We already released many games for the platform including Assassin’s Creed III and ZombiU. Really, the only question for us was whether we could do Splinter Cell justice on the Wii U. The answer is a big yes and we think Wii U owners will think it was the right decision, too.\”

So, it seems that we can expect a great game as Wii U owners that will have also a nice online experience. Thinking about how Ubisoft handled “Zombi U\” gameplay wise, I really believe that the new “Splinter Cell” will feature definitely some cool extra stuff on Nintendo’s home console edition.

How do you feel about Blacklist? Will you pick it up in a few weeks?

[Source: Gonintendo]

Hektor Apostolopoulos