Splatoon Fashion Week Hitting Tumblr

Splatoon has allowed for Nintendo to get really creative and it shows: the IP has taken the world by storm. In light of this Splatoon has been popping up in many places, and now a “Fashion Week” will be hitting Tumblr:

It’s no secret that the Inklings are some of the best dressed squids in this (or any other) universe. In fact, those of you diligent enough to have found the Sunken Sea Scrolls may already know that the Inkopolis Collection fashion show happens twice a year!

We’re pleased to bring you Inkling Fashion Week* – a Squid Research Lab Special Report. After months of painstaking research, we’ll be sharing more information about the freshest fashion and trendiest brands in Inkopolis in order to help our squid fam keep it lit!** Check back tomorrow for our first fashion spread!

*Inkling Fashion Week will run longer than a week. The Squid Research Lab maintains all rights to use the word “fresh” too frequently.

**We’re told that a number of today’s youths use this expression although we have still not been able to ascertain the definition.

Shawn Long
Our favorite youtuber ever, and long-time founding member of our family of sites. The "crass" from our Class vs. Crass podcast