Splatoon 4.1.0 Update Live, Final Stage Tonight

The latest Splatoon 2 update was released and it comes with a whole slew of changes. From new music to new weapons, a spectator camera, balances and more.  A reminder that Skipper Pavillion is the final stage being added to the game, and will arrive tonight. More weapons will be rolled out until December, while Splatfests will continue until July 2019. You can see a match of the new stage being played here.


New Weapons

A new sub weapon, the Fizzy Bomb can explode up to three times based on how long it’s charged. There is an odd, but thematic way to make it charge faster. Shake the controllers, jump a lot, or move around rapidly as if it was actually a can of soda. Yes, this is real. Though I doubt players using motion controls will wildly shake and aim their controllers at the same time.

The new special weapon, the Booyah Bomb, is very clearly an homage to Goku’s Spirit Bomb, even down to how it works. Once you use it, call your teammates by using the “Booyah” taunt. If they start using the taunt it will help you charge the bomb faster, and give them a bonus to their own special meters. It’s almost like you’re lending them your energy.


Spectator Camera

The spectator camera function was also added, but it’s only available for private battles. When the player you’re following is splatted, the camera will automatically target the victorious player and continue in that pattern. Several statistics are displayed from your special meter to splats, assists, and also the number of times you used your special weapon. This is what it looks like in action.


The full list of fixes and balances for the game can be seen in the patch notes. As of tonight, the big content updates like stages and modes are finished. As a result, from here on out it’s just going to be weapons and Splatfests.

Matt Graff
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