Splatoon 3 bow gets made in real life by a crafty fan

real life Splatoon 3 Splat Bow made created by Super Mario Signature shoots water not paint

The big finale to the long-awaited February Nintendo Direct was a three-minute trailer announcing Splatoon 3, which involves the desert-like Splatlands and “the new city, Splatsville, inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings.” That game will be arriving in 2022, which feels like a long while away, so fans are finding ways to keep busy. YouTube channel Super Mario Signature has created a real-life Splatoon 3 Splat Bow — or whatever official name the bow ends up getting — which was featured at the start of the game’s trailer. (Thanks for the tip, That One Amazing User 21!)

The Splatoon 3 Splat Bow is made with a variety of materials, involving 3D printing, sanding, wood-carving, and of course paint. The YouTuber goes step by step in the video explaining how he created it, and although the video is 11 1/2 minutes long, actually building the bow took two months (plus a quick assist from his parents with carving wood). There were some trials and tribulations along the way, as one would expect, often involving printing new parts when the originals didn’t fit properly.

The final Splatoon 3 Splat Bow created actually shoots water, not paint, because it’s fun and inexpensive to shoot people with water and horrifically impractical to paint a home with a bow. Let us know what you think of Super Mario Signature’s work.

John Friscia
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