Splatoon 2 surprise: a familiar Splatfest returns in May

Splatoon 2 Splatfest mayo vs. ketchup 2020 team ketchup wins Heinz ketchup celebrates on Twitter

Splatoon 2 wrapped up two years of inktastic Splatfests in July 2019 with a high-stakes showdown between Chaos and Order. Team Chaos ultimately won the day, and in its everlasting hectic spirit, Splatfests are BACK, baby. For one weekend only, May 22 to May 24. Instead of an all-new matchup, though, we’ll be arming up with red and white ink once again as ketchup attempts to take the crown from mayo in a rematch for the ages. A new Splatoon 2 Splatfest was totally unexpected – see this tweet from the Nintendo Versus Twitter account, which flew in from the top rope, undetected, just a few hours ago.

I really thought that we wouldn’t see another Splatfest until Splatoon 3. I mean, why would I have doubted Nintendo when they said they were all done? Maybe they’re striving for content now that COVID-19 is quickly pushing the industry to a standstill. If that means pumping great titles like Splatoon 2 back into the limelight, I’m all for it.

Over the last few days, Nintendo has done an excellent job at reminding us of some of the great titles sitting on our shelves (you may have heard something about a super snazzy Super Mario Maker 2 update that just went live). With all of the extra time that I’m spending at home (and in denial of the very real workload that’s still ahead of me), I’m more than ready to hop back into Splatoon 2 once I flame out three levels into an overly ambitious Super Mario Maker 2 game-building project.

Nick Pearson
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