Splatoon 2 Mario Splatfest results in Super Mushroom taking the crown

Splatoon 2 Mario splatfest

Nintendo continues to revive Splatfest events, and this weekend’s Mario anniversary event has wrapped up. This Mario Splatfest pitted Team Super Mushroom against Team Super Star in Splatoon 2, and the results are a little surprising. While Team Super Star was the clear victor in terms of player votes, when it came to gameplay, the tables turned.

Team Super Star ended up with a whopping 68.20% of the player vote ahead of the matches. This is one of the most lopsided vote results we’ve seen, and the community was clearly routing for Super Star. However, it appears that the best players fell on the Super Mushroom side in-game. Team Super Mushroom won 53.41% of normal games and 54.12% of pro matches.

splatoon 2 mario splatfest

This means the overall win goes to Team Super Mushroom, as it was decided on a simple two-to-one scale. There’s no fancy percentage workings here, and Team Super Mushroom’s dominance on the battlefield means that Team Super Star came up short overall.

It’s not quite sure where Splatfests go next. There is another notable anniversary coming up next month, as Zelda hits 35 years of age. The Mario anniversary Splatfest was the first brand new theme since Nintendo initially shut the Splatfest shop for Splatoon 2. In that case, we could definitely see a Zelda one happening next.

Where do you think Splatfests should go from here?

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