Splatfest results are in: Salsa obliterates guacamole

The latest Splatfest took place last weekend between salsa and guacamole, and the results are in. With a staggering 3-0 lead, Team Salsa earned total domination over Team Guacamole. Salsa averaged over 50% in all three categories, garnering 57.12% of the popular vote. Salsa received 52.47% in normal battles and 54% in pro matches. In comparison, Team Guacamole earned 42.88% of the popular vote, 47.53% in normal and 46% in pro.

Team Salsa wins the Splatfest
Team Salsa reigns supreme over Team Guacamole

Splatfests task players with making difficult choices.  Cake vs. Ice Cream, Baseball vs. Soccer, and Trick vs. Treat were some of the tough battles. Personally, the right team won in the Team Salsa vs. Team Guacamole Splatfest. Obviously, 42.88% of players didn’t agree with my opinion. Did you participate in the latest Splatfest? Which team did you align yourself with? Did the right team win? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Andrew Gonzalez
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