Spiritfarer seems to make harsh reference to Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook

Now that the game has been out for a short while, players have noticed a Tom Nook reference in Thunder Lotus Games’ Spiritfarer. You meet a character early on in the game who offers the connection. While they might not immediately appear to be a reference to Animal Crossing‘s raccoon business tycoon, it soon becomes clear that they couldn’t be anything else.

tom nook reference in spiritfarer nintendo switch

This little Tom Nook reference in Spiritfarer comes as Gwen the deer directs you to Hummingberg, a nearby settlement. You need to acquire a number of items, including linen, but you’ll need to visit a shop called Raccoon, Inc. for that. Unfortunately for you, this is where Theodore the raccoon operates, and his prices are absolutely ridiculous. At the point that you meet him, players will have a few hundred Glims with which to purchase what they need. Theodore doesn’t seem to care though, asking for 5,000,000 at this early junction in the story, akin to the prices Tom Nook is known to charge. However, after being yelled at, Theodore relents and lowers his prices.

It’s really lovely to see Spiritfarer reference the Animal Crossing series. A lot of people feel exactly the same way when it comes to Tom Nook. The guy does his utmost to keep you in as much debt as possible and won’t stop asking you to spend money or pay him back. At least he’s consistent, even in unofficial cameos.


Jamie Sharp
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