Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus shadow drops on Switch today

Spiritfarer launch release date today Thunder Lotus Games Nintendo Switch launch trailer

As revealed at today’s Indie World Showcase, Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus Games is surprise launching today on Nintendo Switch. This game has been in the works for a while, gathering a lot of positive buzz along the way, and it is a “cozy management game about dying.” You are ferrying adorable animal people to the other side upon their deaths, and it is meant to be a relaxing and serene video game.

We actually previewed the title earlier this year at PAX East, back before the apocalypse ended direct human communication for good. It really is an attractive and unique take on resource management, with poignant stories and visuals. The departed in the story are even in fact based on departed loved ones of the Thunder Lotus development team.

Check out the launch trailer for Spiritfarer!

John Friscia
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