Spelunky & Spelunky 2 release date set for this month on Nintendo Switch

August 2021 Spelunky Spelunky 2 release date Nintendo Switch Mossmouth Derek Yu

Mossmouth has dropped a Nintendo Switch release date trailer for Spelunky and Spelunky 2, finally revealing that they will both launch on August 26, 2021 in North America, Europe, and Australia. (Other regions will follow.) The games had originally been announced for Switch back in December 2020 with a general summer 2021 release, and it’s been a long eight months waiting for the final date.

The Spelunky games originate with designer Derek Yu and are critically acclaimed procedurally generated 2D platformers with plenty of replay value. You will be traversing a lot of tunnels while navigating various enemies and traps and collecting many items, ranging from weapons to score-boosting treasure. While the second game launched for PlayStation 4 and PC last September, the first game came to Xbox 360 back in 2012. So suffice to say, the franchise landing with Nintendo has been a long time coming.

Spelunky 2 in particular was critically praised for just being more Spelunky, except better, and it maintains a good balance of adventure and challenge. It also has quality co-op, apparently. (I haven’t played the games myself.) If you have no interest in anything that involves procedural generation, then maybe these games aren’t for you — but they could be for just about everyone else.

With the Nintendo Switch release date of Spelunky and Spelunky 2 just a couple weeks away, all you have to do now is wait a bit longer.


John Friscia
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