Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm first seasonal update detailed

Spellbreak Proletariat magic battle royale Nintendo Switch release date September 3 Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm first seasonal update detailed Clash Mode

Spellbreak has been out for just over a month, and developer Proletariat is now gearing up for its first seasonal update. Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm will deliver a host of new content to the magic-based battle royale on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on Oct. 22. From that date, the new Clash mode will be available. Three new talents will also arrive, providing some extra customization options for players. And this being October, a host of Halloween content will also be introduced.

Clash mode delivers something for players who aren’t huge on the traditional battle royale formula or want something a little different. The mode pits two teams against each other in a typical deathmatch format, but at 9v9. Each team is made up of three squads.

Talents, player abilities that can be interchanged, are seeing some new additions in Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm. Vigor is a new talent that simply adds bonus health, Ambidextrous enables the passive class ability in your offhand gauntlet, and finally, Foresight reveals upcoming shrines/circles and shows nearby players on your minimap.

The Halloween content hasn’t been fully revealed, but we know it will deliver plenty of cosmetic content through new afterglows, emotes, badges, cloudbursts, artifacts, and outfits.

You don’t have long to wait for the Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm seasonal update on Oct. 22.

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