Speedrunner beats Untitled Goose Game in under four minutes

Untitled Goose Game

Despite launching just a few days ago, Untitled Goose Game has already been cracked wide open by speedrunners. Seij has beaten the game in a speedrun clocking in at 3:46, crushing the previous record set by MonkeyKingHero at 6:59.  The speedrun was conducted under any% rules, meaning that the only qualifier is for some sort of end screen to be shown.

By natural means, Untitled Goose Game should not be completed in under four minutes. However, when it comes to speedruns the constraints of game physics are a mere inconvenience. Seij expertly passes through solid objects, swiftly snatches the final objective, and only once slows to briefly engage the game’s stealth roots. If you’ve ever waited for a goose to cross traffic, then you would definitely appreciate this speedrun.

Normally Untitled Goose Game goes at a slightly more relaxed pace. It’s a game about the little things in life, like terrorizing children, committing petty larceny, or upsetting your neighbors. You know, goose things. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t watch the speedrun just yet and check out this trailer. Untitled Goose Game quickly won my heart, and I look forward to it being featured in future speedrunning events like Games Done Quick.


Cody Morris
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