Speed 3: Grand Prix looks like F1 meets Burnout, coming to Switch

Speed 3: Grand Prix looks like F1 meets Burnout, coming to Switch formula 1

Speed 3: Grand Prix has been revealed by Lion Castle, a new racer coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020. While a lot of the finer details haven’t been revealed just yet, a short trailer has been released. The vehicles, tracks, and general visual style opt for a realistic appearance, but things get explosive when cars collide. In short, Speed 3: Grand Prix looks like someone injected a bit of Burnout into a Formula 1 racer.

That’s a pretty cool concept, in theory. Recent F1 games from Codemasters have been brilliant, but we’re big fans of arcade racing games too. Whilst Burnout Paradise gave us a taste of the real thing, there’s something to be said about high-octane, arcade track racing. Now, Speed 3: Grand Prix certainly isn’t a full AAA offering going from the trailer, but it looks like fast-paced fun if they can get the physics right.

Lion Castle calls this one “a full-on arcade circuit racer” with “explosive action,” and it’ll be interesting to see how this concept plays out over the course of a race. It looks like Speed 3 features night and wet weather racing too, a welcome addition. Ghost Mode is included, for those looking for a more serious race against your former self, and we’ll see what other race modes the game has to offer this holiday. The game does support split screen multiplayer, but it looks like there’ll be no online play.

Speed 3: Grand Prix launches in holiday 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

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