Space Commander: War and Trade brings sandbox play to Switch today

Space Commander: War and Trade launch trailer release date today Nintendo Switch 7Levels Home Net Games

Publisher 7Levels and developer Home Net Games have released sci-fi sandbox adventure Space Commander: War and Trade today on Nintendo Switch for $9.99 (currently $7.99 on discount), and a launch trailer shows off what you can expect. The game boasts multiple career paths, including trader, mercenary, or mobster, in addition to diverse game mechanics. Regardless of what you choose to become, one of your goals will be to build up your space fleet, which requires money. More money means a bigger, stronger fleet capable of handling more challenging tasks. You might get that money through battle, or maybe you’ll make your fortune through more diplomatic means.

7Levels and Home Net Games explain how strategy plays into Space Commander: War and Trade: “Making the right choices will be crucial to ensuring the success of your missions. Aside from choosing the best ship for the job, you’ll need to manage resource usage, choose the best trading or smuggling routes, and even buy your own space stations that will allow you to explore the furthest corners of the galaxy.”

Whether you get involved in “corporate war” or more literal war with aliens, Space Commander: War and Trade is aiming to deliver a versatile single-player experience for Nintendo Switch players today.

For another sci-fi game on Switch that leans way heavier on the space combat, maybe check out Redout: Space Assault.

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