Source of Madness is a new Lovecraftian action platformer for Switch


Recently Thunderful Publishing and Carry Castle revealed Source of Madness. The game is an upcoming roguelite action platformer inspired by Lovecraft’s works of horror. It really isn’t difficult to work out what you’ll be doing in this game; just take one look at the trailer and you’ll either be excited or lose the will to live.

Learning spells and skills is only part of Source of Madness, as you’ll also need to learn how to fight each of the ever-changing monsters that the game throws at you. The world will be twisted into something unrecognizable each time you die, meaning that you’ll not only be fighting increasingly difficult enemies, but the world itself.

Machine learning AI is used in the game to observe your behavior and alters the enemies you’ll come up against accordingly. This is probably the most horrifying part of the game, because it’s actively trying to beat you, unlike normal bosses that simply don’t change.

To combat the shifting world and the threats within it, you can infuse blood collected from enemies in Class Altars. These unlock permanent bonuses that should go some way to helping you progress a little farther in the next run. The world of Source of Madness is also littered with various magical spells to pick up and learn.

This could be a unique game to watch out for when it releases likely next year.


Jamie Sharp
Started out playing Metroid 2 on the GameBoy at around 5 years-old, and now I write about games all day long. Can't play Switch and drive, I've tried. As time goes on the Switch is quickly becoming my favourite console of all time.