Soup Raiders, a tactical RPG on an ocean of soup, sets sail for Switch

Soup Raiders

Soup Raiders, a tactical RPG from publisher SwissGames and developer Team KwaKwa, is officially coming to Switch. The game places several swashbuckling animal characters in grid-based battles on an ocean of soup. There is simply not much more to explain than that, but you should really see this one for yourself. Check out the trailer below.

Here’s a brief overview of the game:

Soup Raiders is a wacky and fun tactical RPG with a real time battle system where pirate and merchant animals fight each other and the world is in a soup. Liberate the Western Soup from the grasps of Mr. Whale.

Key Features

– The world is in a soup.
– Real time tactical battle system.
– Open world with 10 main islands and smaller ones for loot.
– Cute animal characters

Soup Raiders is one of several games confirmed for Switch at Gamescom last week, but this one is pretty close to the top of my radar. I mean, a tactical RPG taking place in the world’s biggest bowl of soup? Sign me up.

We do not have a release date for the game on Switch just yet, but it is still exciting to know that it is on the way. What do you think about Soup Raiders, based on the premise and trailer above? Let us know in the comments below.


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