Sound Blaster G3 is a DAC amp for your Switch available now

Sound Blaster G3 is a DAC amp for your Switch available now

Sound Blaster isn’t a name you hear much in Nintendo circles. While Creative’s brand of sound cards and other audio equipment is a stalwart of the PC gaming industry, console gaming just doesn’t see upgrades like that. Times change, however, and soon Switch users (as well as PS4 and PC gamers) will have the opportunity to enhance their aural experience with the Sound Blaster G3.

First things first. For those who don’t know, a DAC amp is a digital-to-analogue converter. No matter how good a device’s sound quality is, it’s still made up of square waves. A DAC amp converts these to nice, round sine curves and allows you to plug your headphones in to get the best sound possible. Of course, low-quality MP3s (to say nothing of MIDI files) will always be a bit fuzzy, so it’s best to use these with high-quality sound files.

The Sound Blaster G3 is a DAC amp built specifically for gaming. It has dials and switches that give gamers fine control over the volume level. It also features an optical / line-in port for your preferred method of connection and includes an optical cable to get you started. Sadly, due to the Switch’s lack of proper integrated chat function, it’s not compatible with the device’s microphone features. However, like the Switch, it has an app that allows finer control over the output.

Personally, I can’t wait to try this out. As someone who cares about what things sound like, I have very particular opinions on audio tech. Creative with its Sound Blaster series has always been one of the best out there for optimal PC sound, and I’m sure that the G3 will prove to be another fine product. It retails for $79.00 and is available on their website.

Will you be picking up the Sound Blaster G3? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear