Souldiers, mega-beautiful PS1-like Metroidvania, is coming to Switch

Souldiers announcement trailer Nintendo Switch PC release date spring 2022 Dear Villagers Retro Forge Games Spanish

Publisher Dear Villagers and Spanish developer Retro Forge Games have formally announced that mesmerizingly beautiful pixelated 2D Metroidvania Souldiers is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC with a spring 2022 release window. The game has combat inspired by modern Soulslikes, with Scout, Caster, and Archer classes to choose from, but the graphics feel rooted in incredibly detailed 2D PlayStation 1 (or Sega Saturn) experiences. Granted, the IGN announcement for the game with Dear Villagers describes the graphics as “16-bit” as opposed to “32-bit,” but the overall impression definitely leans more toward the latter (like another incredibly beautiful upcoming 2D Switch game, Bushiden). Check out the Souldiers Switch and PC announcement trailer to see what I mean.

Gameplay looks varied, with swords, bows, and magic to traverse huge landscapes, defeat enemies, and solve some puzzles. Each character class has unique progression and abilities as well. The premise is that you have entered a land between life and death, Terragaya, but things are complicated in that you may not actually be dead.

Personally, I’ve been following the development of Souldiers on Twitter for a long time already, and I’m really, really jazzed that Retro Forge Games has finally found a publisher in Dear Villagers and that the game is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. These days, it’s exceedingly common (in a good way, usually) for retro-flavored indie game announcements to come around, but retro games with graphics this good are much rarer. Souldiers is worth keeping on your radar ahead of its launch on Switch and PC next spring.

John Friscia
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