Sony’s MLB The Show 22 plays ball with Nintendo Switch on April 5

MLB The Show 22 Switch

Here is some news straight out of the left field. The latest title in the MLB The Show series, MLB The Show 22, is making its way to Nintendo Switch. Sure, baseball games have appeared on the system before, but this particular franchise was PlayStation exclusive until MLB The Show 21 launched on Xbox One/Series. Now, the Switch is joining in on America’s favorite pastime.

This means MLB The Show 22 will boot up on Switch with the PlayStation logo

Check out the official Twitter announcement from Nintendo:

There’s even an official trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube page:

Wild! No gameplay, sadly, but at least we get some motion capture footage of Ohtani, as well as some highlights of his career.

Also announced was the fact MLB The Show 22 will support cross-platform play, cross-progression, and cross saves between the Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Because gamers who play together, stay together.

You can pre-order the title digitally through the eShop for $59.99. It will launch on April 5. And, thank the stars above, it isn’t a Cloud Version!

Enthusiasts, what do you think of seeing former PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show on Switch? Let us know below!

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