Sonya Blade model Kerri Ann Hoskins looks the same, 25 years later

Mortal Kombat 3 Sonya Blade model Kerri Ann Hoskins looks the same 25 years later: a total snack

The originalĀ Mortal Kombat was famous for its then-shockingly realistic violence, and a large part of that stemmed from developer Midway’s decision to use real people for the characters and digitize images of the models performing the moves. This continued for the next few games in the series, with occasionally new models stepping in. Kerri Ann Hoskins (Kerri Ann Reavis now, actually) portrayed Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 3 25 years ago, but she recently posted a photo on Instagram of how she looks in the old Sonya Blade costume these days. The answer is — pretty much the same.

A fan on Twitter has posted a comparison of Kerri Ann Hoskins then and now as Sonya Blade in the same pose, and it’s extremely impressive how little has changed. You don’t just luck your way into looking that good at age 50; she’s clearly been living a healthy life and maintaining her fitness regimen. She’s also an artist, and you can check out her work at her website.

The old Mortal Kombat models haven’t vanished into the nether. They’ve done reunions, and you can find plenty of great archival footage on YouTube. Mortal Kombat may have started asĀ Street Fighter with a gimmick attached, but it’s very much become an ingrained part of pop culture.


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