Sony Music is removing some of EarthBound / Mother OST from YouTube

Mother earthbound OST sony music removal

Life hasn’t been easy for fans of the Mother series. Nintendo tends to forget about this particular franchise, just like with its other dormant IPs. Not that long ago, former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé joked about playing an English version of Mother 3. Despite this being a funny remark by the Regginator, a lot of people were obviously upset by it. Now Mother fans have something else to be upset about, as Sony Music has been removing some Mother and EarthBound OST (original soundtrack) tracks from YouTube. Unfortunately, this includes the “Pollyanna: An Animated Earthbound Tribute” animation, an amazing video that was originally uploaded in 2014.

This was noted by Twitter user earthbound64. There have also been reports of Sony issuing copyright claims to content creators who use Mother / EarthBound music in their videos. If you were thinking about playing these games on YouTube, I’d hold off on doing so. Although, you can still find the entire EarthBound soundtrack on YouTube, in the United States at least, so it’s an odd situation. It is uncertain whether or not this will affect other platforms, such as Twitch. Twitch in particular will be an interesting one, as last year it implemented some serious changes to its copyright regulations.

I am especially disheartened by the removal of the Pollyanna tribute animation, as it is a well-animated love letter to fans of the series. Sony Music own the distribution rights to the Mother OST, so we’ll have to do what they say. Mother 3, however, currently seems unaffected due to different licensing. What are your thoughts on all of this?


Jaimie Ditchfield
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