Sony survey asks about PS4 Remote Play on Switch, Wii U-esque portable Dualshock

PS4 Remote Play

A Reddit survey shared by Sony is investigating the popularity of a few potential additions to PS4 Remote Play, as well as a potential new controller. Survey questions asked if players would be interested in using PS4 Remote Play on new devices like the Switch, if they would use offline Remote Play, if they would like to see previous generation games work over PS4 Remote Play, and it brought up a portable DualShock with a screen. That would presumably allow players to engage in Off-TV play like with the Wii U.

All of these ideas are quite interesting, and they could be relevant to a lot of us if PS4 Remote Play became a thing on Switch. Combining a few of the postulated features might also be the only way to eventually play some old classics like Chrono Trigger and Suikoden through a Switch (unless a bunch of publishers all get off their bums and bring their classics to the system, but that’s a discussion for another time). It’s also intriguing to see another major company looking into a Wii U-esque Gamepad controller after Nintendo failed to find success with the system; ironically, perhaps it could end up working as an accessory to an established console (like many casual buyers assumed the Wii U was to the Wii) rather than as the basis for a system.

Would you make use of these suggested additions to PS4 Remote Play? Do you use it as is? Why or why not? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.



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