Sonic voice actors replaced: Amy and Tails recast

Sonic Voice Actors Replaced

Last week, Roger Craig Smith announced that he would no longer be voicing Sonic the Hedgehog. When the news broke, fans took to Twitter and showed their love for Smith’s portrayal of Sonic. This resulted in a heartfelt response video from the voice actor, thanking everyone for their support over the years. It now looks like Sega is not only replacing Smith but other Sonic voice actors as well, including for Tails and Amy.

Cindy Robinson, the voice of Amy Rose, has also confirmed on Twitter that she’ll no longer be portraying the character. She confirmed this in the same Twitter thread where Smith announced his retirement from the iconic role. Robinson started voicing Amy in 2010, around the same time as Smith in Sonic Colors. Since then she has voiced her in every major Sonic product, including spin-off games and the Sonic Boom TV series.

It doesn’t end there either. Colleen O’Shaughnessey, the voice of Tails, has confirmed that she won’t be voicing the character in the upcoming Sonic Prime Netflix series. O’Shaughnessey started voicing Tails in 2014 with the Sonic Boom animated series. She also appeared as Tails in the Sonic the Hedgehog film during a post-credit scene. Although O’Shaughnessey may not be reprising her role in Sonic Prime, it is unknown whether or not she’ll continue voicing the character in other projects.

The world of Sonic seems to be going through quite a few changes this year. With the 30th anniversary of the franchise taking place in June, Sega might want to shake things up a little. It is sad to see these talented Sonic voice actors leave these iconic roles, but hopefully their replacements will be just as good. What are your thoughts on these changes?

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