Sonic the VTuber makes his debut with a speedy introduction video

Sonic the VTuber

We warned you guys that a Sonic VTuber was coming, and as expected from the blue hedgehog, he already made his introduction on Twitter.

VTuber, short for Virtual YouTuber, has been popular with Japanese YouTubers and streamers for the past few years. Companies have recently started using VTubers to market their characters and brands, and Sega decided to hop on board with an official Sonic the Hedgehog VTuber.

Since VTubers are still very much a Japanese thing, we haven’t seen the Sonic one in other languages, but we’ve provided a translation for the introduction video below:

Sonic the VTuber: “Hey guys! I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. I was running and somehow ended up here. So it’s called Twi…tter. Nice! It’s already looking fun and lively in here! Thank you all for the congratulatory comments. And thank you for your continued support, be it for the last 30 years or the next 100 years! See you!”

Sonic Team art director Kazuyuki Hoshino first talked about the Sonic VTuber in a recent interview. He said that, up until now, there hadn’t been a way for Sonic to communicate with fans in real time, so they wanted to do so for the occasion of the 30th anniversary. We’re unsure what Sonic will be up to as a VTuber, but it shouldn’t be long until we hear more about it from Sega.