Sonic the Hedgehog movie receives a ludicrous Super Bowl ad

Sonic Movie Superbowl Ad

“I’m wild, but he’s on another level.” These are the words said by American race car driver Kyle Busch in his appearance in the Super Bowl Advertisement for the upcoming Sonic movie. Kyle is joined in this ad by football players Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey, alongside Allyson Felix (gold medal sprinter) to give endorsements to the athletic prowess of the blue hedgehog.

Despite how silly it is, it’s a clever way to spin a movie trailer into something relevant to a sporting event. It’ll certainly give a great first impression to that specific audience, as they may not know that the film exists (and are likely unaware of its troubled development history). Even if you are someone who doesn’t recognize any of these people (like me), there are a few clips towards the end that showcase the exciting action you can expect from the Sonic movie. Check out the Super Bowl ad below:

The Sonic movie is quickly approaching its Valentine’s Day release date. Will you be checking out the film in theaters, or will you settle for watching it once it hits home video and streaming platforms? Let us know in the comments.

Did you know that after Jim Carrey (the actor playing Eggman) got the role, he played Sonic the Hedgehog with his grandson? Make sure you read more about that.

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