Sonic the Hedgehog games are releasing slower to increase quality

Sega Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber Sonic the Hedgehog games release schedule slows down for quality improvements

A new “Sonic Official” stream on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel took place last week, and during the 80-minute event, Sonic Brand Manager Aaron Webber shared some things that might perk up the hardcore fans. He explained that Sega is not releasing entries in the franchise at the blistering pace it maintained in the past because the company wants to focus on quality. Giving the Blue Blur’s next game more time in the oven will allow for a stronger final product — or that’s the hope at least.

Webber explained with the following:

Back in the day, it used to be like every year there was a new Sonic game, and as a result of that, there were a number of times where because of that rushed production schedule, the quality of the games wouldn’t quite be where they really kind of needed to be. And so a couple of years ago we actually said, “Hey, that’s gonna change going forward.” We’re gonna put probably more time into things as we go forward. That’s gonna mean that you have to wait longer between trailers or announcements or stuff like that, and we know that’s kind of annoying sometimes because you just really want news. But that’s where we are now, and we think that the patience hopefully will be worth it in the end. We’re really excited for what’s to come, but we can’t really say anything right now.

We have cued up the video to the relevant moment below:

If there’s one thing no fan has ever complained about, it’s about a video game having too much quality. Lord knows Sonic the Hedgehog games could use more consistency in their quality, and aside from Sonic Mania, the last time that the Sega franchise received an excellent title is debatable. That said, I will argue to my last breath that Sonic Lost World on Wii U was actually a pretty good game.

Sonic the Hedgehog is expected to make its next big splash in 2021.


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